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Daniel once again you’ve worked your magic on my hair. Since getting my thermal treatment I’ve worked out, worked in the yard and gone swimming. I’ve been out in the rain, wind and fog + humidity. After all of that, I’ve had no frizz, no wave, no curls, Just easy –care hair that’s a snap to manage and so Incredibly soft. Thank You. You are terrific!!
Debbie H.

Just had to let you know how grateful and appreciative I am for you . In case you haven’t been told yet today. You are the Best.
Tami R.

I have wanted straight hair ever since I was a teenager and this seemed a way to finally get it. Skeptical because I have tried straightening my hair using a blow dryer, big hair rollers, coffee can, wrapping my hair around my head to dry, and ironing it. These methods would give a quick fix, but they took too much time and are worthless if it’s humid.
When the process was over, I walked home with newly straight hair through the wind and humidity. When I got home, I expected to see waves and some fuzz, instead, only straight hair. The next few days, I expected to wake up with waves, kinks, or some frizz. Nope. The real test came when 3 days was up and I got to wash my hair and see if the curl was gone without doing a thing. I let my wet hair dry naturally, and it dried straight. This was one of the happiest days of my life, and I decided that the cost of the treatment was definitely money well spent.
Don H.