Tar soap will remove dandruff!

Fighting with dandruff is difficult. Anybody who ever had this issue know this. Even an exceptional cosmetic and medical products could fail you. But at the past, many skin problems were solved with just birch tar. And this remedy is still actual, but nowadays tar soap became more and more popular. But why, with it sharp and strong smell? How useful it against dandruff? Let’s make it clear.

Why is tar soap effective against dandruff?

Tar (product of dry distillation of the birch bark) is a natural sanitizer. It works good against the microorganisms and makes your skin healthy. And as fungal diseases usually cause dandruff, tar soap efficiently eliminates it. Beside it restore metabolic and regenerative processes in your skin, remove inflammation and repair affected areas.
If you add tar into the soap it will keep all its useful properties. And this soap will even have advantages against the “clear” product. But it could burn your skin if misapplied. The soap contains only 10% of tar so that you will be fine.  But pure tar has a specific smell. And it could disturb your family. Soap, of course, also smells, but way less.

How to use tar soap for dandruff?

Tar soap as the remedy for dandruff should be used correctly:

  • Moisturize your hair. Apply tar soap foam on hair and skin. Soap can be made in two ways. You can just soap piece in hand or made foam in the small bucket.
  • Leave the foam on the hair not more than one minute.
  • Wash with warm or cool water. Do not use hot water! Hot water creates a film, and you will be unable to wash your hair thoroughly.

After tar soap, your hair usually becomes coarse. To soften it you can use ordinary conditioner, as after shampoo. But to maximize effect natural conditioner shall be used.

This is acidized water. To make it you can use apple vinegar or lemon juice. For one liter of water, you will need a tablespoon of acid. Also, instead of just water, you can use herbal brew (chamomile, nettle, linden, mint etc.).
Also, tar soap will not work after first use. Even more, you could see that situation becomes even worst. But don’t be afraid, it’s normal. Your hair and skin need time to get used to tar soap. After a couple of times, you will see the effect.

Tar soap shall be used not more than twice a week. If the skin of your head is not very oily, then one time will be enough. For oily skin, soap shall be used twice per week. Tar soap shall be an exhibit for one month. Then you need to take a break for 2-3 months and repeat if required.

Tar soap also can be used preventively. For this purpose, it should be used once per week during a month.


As been told already if you have dry, thin and sensitive skin, avoid using tar soap. But if there any other precautions?

Any products with tar shall not be used by people with kidney diseases. There is a simple test for allergy reaction on tar soap:

  • Apply a little bit of soap foam on the internal surface of the elbow. Wait for 15-20 minutes. Wash.
  • If in 24 hours you will not see at “test place” any reddening, edema or other allergy reaction – tar soap is ok for you.

Good luck!