How to wash off your hair dye with the help of kefir?

Nowadays there are a lot of women who value natural beauty and make use of cultured buttermilk to take care of their bodies. Face and hair masks, kefir-based diets and daily consumption of this product have a good influence on human health. In spite of the fact that it is known in Russia for quite a short time (about a century or so), it has already proved to be essential and useful.

Benefits of kefir

The belonging of kefir to organic food is quite questionable. Nowadays it can be made from pasteurized milk; however, this substance doesn’t exist in the wild nature in its pure form. Special cultures and ferments are needed for its manufacturing; therefore kefir is a product of scientific progress. Even so, it still has many advantages beneficial for a human body.

  • Kefir contains lactic acid bacteria, which improve the work of intestinal system, inhibiting putrefactive processes.
  • They also have an invigorating effect and are useful for the cardiovascular and nervous systems.
  • Kefir helps to regulate the functioning of the urogenital system by removing definite substances, such as phosphates, nitrogen, chlorides, and urea.
  • This dairy product is dietary valuable due to the high content of protein, milk sugar, lactose, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and hormones. Elements like vitamins A, D1, D2, U2 and carotene are also very important.
  • Carotene and retinol (a vitamin of A-group) help human eyes function properly and control the development of the body. Lack of these nutrients leads to blindness and other health problems, such as the fragility of hair and nails, dry, pale or flaky skin, pustular diseases.
  • Vitamin D, or calciferol, is responsible for absorption of phosphates and calcium.
  • Vitamin B2, or riboflavin, is essential for healing wounds and skin crevices. Riboflavin deficiency triggers the development of ulcerative diseases and skin damages in the corners of the mouth and fingertips.
  • Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, helps to maintain the functioning of the immune system.

Regular consumption of kefir is proved to prevent and cure such diseases as chronic gastritis, ischemia, hypertension, dysbacteriosis, cirrhosis, atherosclerosis, and diabetes.
All benefits listed justify the active use of this product in cosmetology. Likewise, there are a lot of simple kefir-based masks which can be easily made at home. They have a wrinkle-smoothing effect and help the skin look younger, making it soft, moisturized and flawless.

Washing-off a hair dye with a kefir-based mask

Hair-dyeing is a complex and responsible procedure. If it’s done improperly, the help of a great specialist will be needed. Washing-off the unexpected result is a lengthy and unpleasant process. It hurts damaged hair, breaking down their structure. You can reduce the influence of this measure by coming to the aid of kefir. It will help to get rid of the unwanted color in a simple, easy and safe way. It is explained by the absence of chemicals used in cosmetic salons, which deprive hair of the coloring pigment. It inevitably leads to debilitation. Kefir not only washes off the unneeded shade but also cures the scalp.

It is very simple to wash off the dye with kefir. It is necessary to apply a plenty of the kefir mixture on the hair for several days. Spread it evenly with a comb to the full length, then cover it with a polyethylene hood and a terry towel. Keep them for three hours and then rinse hair with warm water. After such a trick it gets natural shine, instead of becoming lackluster. Repeat for several days to see desired results. For dark hair repeat such a procedure 3 or 4 times.
You can change the formula a bit by adding a dye remover and some sprinkles of oil.
Fragile and dry hair will benefit from another kind of mixture. To make it, beat 1 yolk, 1 – 2 teaspoons of castor oil and 5 tablespoons of kefir. Stir them thoroughly and apply on the hair. Hold it for an hour and rinse the hair with warm water. The dye will be partially washed-off and the hair will be silky and supple.

Washing-off the hair dye with the help of kefir is a cheap and effective way to avoid harmful chemicals and dye removers. Using cultured buttermilk, you will not only get rid of the color but also groom your hair.