How to Shape Your Eyebrows at Home

That eyebrows frame the face, it is almost worn out phrase. How could it not, when it is true for sure. Wrong shape, too overgrown or too small eyebrows marred by even the most beautiful face, not harmful to neither the effort you put into the make-up. In short – with neat eyebrows do much for your appearance, and some tips on how to care for, may be necessary.

Trends, how to draw eyebrows, otherwise a lot, but it is best to stick to the rules that they never over do not interfere with their natural line.

Your eyebrows nature may be only slightly revised and improved, for example, to narrow, too wide, hairs that grow outside the natural form, or remove those that grow above the root of the nose and give the impression that the eyebrows contiguous. When plucking try to avoid the following mistakes:

  1. Eyebrows should not be designed too thinly, it does not remain unnatural stroke.
  2. On the inside pages do not populite eyebrow over that do not begin until sometime in the middle of the eye, but over the inner corner of the eye.

It sounds complicated? If you are not very adept with the tweezers, I definitely recommend that for the first time the eyebrows are let to the professionals. Visit the beauty salon and let a beautician to devise the right line. Later you can edit your eyebrows yourself

Tip: Every day, spend a few minutes to this task. If you miss a day, late will not be hard to replace, just make sure not to miss a whole week, because in this case a beautiful design went after mushrooms and will require another visit to the salon.

Pencil helps

If you decide to engage themselves matted eyebrows, however, to determine the line can help with a pencil. Vertical lift it over your nose, the line should take place at the inner corner of eye. Where the pencil closer to the eyebrows, is the point of entry into the eyebrows. Look define eyebrows to lift the pencil to your nose and the other part to pass through the pupil size. Where the pencil intersects the point on the eyebrow, there begins her arc. Eyebrow and ending at the point where the pencil point connected with the nose and the outer corner of eye. With a white pencil for eyes and eyebrows draw the desired shape and  hairs that are outside of this form.


Plucking you have noticed that on some of the hairs are missing? To make the eyebrows look even nicer by the end use hair spray or clear mascara.

Horizontal line: perfectly straight eyebrows make the face smooth. Calling in particular for women who have a feminine face without features.