How to Choose the right shade for your eyes

What shade is the best look on you and adorns your skin color, hair color, and most importantly the eyes. It is good to choose shades that reflect your style.

Which is the best port in the shade your eye color?

When choosing the right shade, you primarily think about the color of eyes, hair and skin shade and then the clothes they wear.

Blue eyes

Verified shade of blue eyes is dark blue, which should be darker than the color of your eyes, when it will color your eyes especially came to light. Grey, Purple, pink and brown, just flatter your eyes. To denote the edge of the eye use the silver, turquoise and fuchsia.

Light brown eyes

at the green and your eyes will come to the fore, especially the dark green or dark khaki color. The color of peaches or plums is also appropriate. Apply to the edges of gold, green or purple color.

Green eyes

Green eyes you’d better be highlighted with brown, Purple or peach shade. Rob highlighted by bright purple, gold or light green color.

Brown eyes

Perfect shade of shades of brown eyes is copper and bronze, just as they correspond to a green color and the color of coffee and champagne. The edges are highlighted with green eyes, blue or pink color.

Skin Tint

the warm tones such as natural and gold will look better in a warm shade of skin (yellow, olive and darker skin). Cooler and pastel shades can be better seen in light skin (very light to light).

When you look someone in the eye, first you notice the color of eyes or eyeshadow. The rule is that lighter shades highlight eye color, but darker and add depth. If you have small eyes, use lighter shades of shades. If you have a large and highlight the eyes, use darker shades. Keep in mind the basic rule of light and dark shades when you buy: dark leave the impression depth, the brighter times.

Select textured shades

Texture shades can be matt, satin or glossy. Which texture you use is your personal choice, but as a rule matte shades are used for day to evening out the shiny shades. Illuminating will emphasize small eyes.

Application shades

to make eyes look as beautiful and the shadow is longer-lasting, Apply first base (liquid powder) on the eyelid and a thin layer of loose powder. Thus, longer-lasting eyeshadow, the easier it’ll be deposited and the lower smudging.

Apply shadow with a sponge or brush. Usually used for eye make two to three shades of color. Once you select a color that you deposited, first on the whole lid up to eyebrows Apply a lighter color. Apply to the outer edges darker eyeshadow and smear it gently against the eye bend.

Apply a thin brush to the edge of dark eye shadow or eye pencil to make the edge of the eyes or shower.

Last Apply mascara applies it from the root to the top lashes. If you apply in several layers wait to the last layer dry. During the day it is not necessary to use the shower or eye pencil to make the color without smudging.

If the eyes intense color is not used at the same time a strong lipstick. Always emphasize the strong colors or just lips or eyes only.