Golden globes 2015 – COMPLEXION PERFECTION

Sunday’s Golden Globes are always a topic of conversation when it comes to fashion, but of course what I love to watch for are not just the dresses but the the great skin coming down the red carpet!  Makeup is a part of that too, but I love to see makeup that enhances a complexion rather than hides it or does less than flatter skin.   So here are my favorite skin moments from the 2015 Golden Globes…

Amal Clooney.  Her skin looks smooth, clear, velvety, and her makeup look is classy and highlights a beautiful mouth.


Jessica Chastain.  She is always a VISION in addition to being a brilliant actress.  She looks elegant as ever here and her creamy complexion is totally dreamy.  I love her bronze smoky eye with such a soft brow!


Kerry Washington.  What a beautiful glowing caramel complexion… Her makeup is a blend of sweet and bold just like her dress, and her skin is clean and radiant looking.  Also, I love that you can see the ring-like lines across her neck because I’ve had those since I was a kid and it is encouraging to see that this feature, which some women are self-conscious about, in no way takes away from her beauty.


Emma Stone.  I can’t leave her out of this bunch because of course her pale, petal-soft skin lends itself to her unique looks.  Her complexion looks totally fresh and I love her blooming rose lip color.


Julianne Moore.  I love the natural contours of her facial structure.  And in her mid-50s, her skin looks great.  Naturally, you can see little lines here and there, etc.  But she looks like she takes great care of her skin and is aging beautifully without resorting to unnecessary cosmetic procedures (which she talks about here)

Do you have favorite beauty moments from the 2015 Golden Globes?  Share them in the comments section below!