Best Haircuts for Round Faces

A hairstyle has the magic ability to enhance a particular facial shape and features. Not all hairstyles look good on every woman. A haircut and style can make the face look fuller or thinner, longer or shorter. It can enhance the eyes and make them look bigger or smaller. A haircut, especially a short haircut can also enhance the cheekbones and even the chin.

A good stylist can tell you instantly which type of haircut would look best on you and enhance your best features. The girl in the picture on the left has a very round face but her haircut helps to accentuate her best features and is very sexy.

And as for all faces, round faces look best with certain hairstyles. A round face is one that has fullness at and below the cheekbones. You can measure it using a tape measure, but most of us with round faces know that we have them.

Some of the best haircuts and styles for a round face will have features like, layered bangs, short haircuts that will heighten the look of the crown and in turn will add length under the chin. Also, keeping hair closer to the face, and curls around the crown will create height. Round faces can also be made to appear longer and less round with a longer haircut and style, and therefore make them appear more slender.

The singer and performer Kelly Clarkson is a perfect example of a round face, and as you can see the haircut in the picture of her on the right the haircut she has in that pose does a great job of enhancing her features.

The next time you are at the salon, bring some pictures of styles you like, but consult with the stylist before getting a short haircut and makes sure that it will put your best face forward.