5 effective makeup tricks which will make you younger

Makeup is a beauty magic wand, which can change your look or even “delete” age. A couple of secrets – and you, lady, will look way younger!

We selected five tricks for age-covering makeup used by top artists around the world. They will help you, dear ladies, turn the time back. Believe, you will be not able to withstand to open your purse and look in the mirror.

Trick 1. Two natural colors and finish powder

Advice. Two natural colors perfectly mask “age” problems – dark outlines and puffiness. Face bones and chin lines need brightening with the darker color, rest parts – with the lighter color, blend the borders. Better to use finish powder – it will mask wrinkles perfectly.


  • smooth skin;
  • ideal face color;
  • sharp shape.

Trick 2. Blusher under face bones

Advice. Every year, your face becomes more gnarled and sharp forms start to “fade”. And here you will need blusher trick. The secret is to apply decorative “cheeks: not over the facial bones, as we get used to, but under them.
You better preferer worm, peach tones, as cold tones are aging.


  • lifted cheeks;
  • sharp shape;
  • visual volume.

Trick 3. Eyelashes: mascara – first, then – curling

Advice. The trick is to apply two-three layers of mascara, let it dry and only then curl eyelashes with plyers. Also, it is better to use hair pencil – it will allow you to cover every eyelash ideally.


  • very appealing curves;
  • “open” look;
  • stable form.

Advice: Sleep enough! Most aging things are caused by lack of sleep.

Trick 4. Shadows and powder for the eyebrows

Advice. First thing – no more thin eyebrows. It will add you a couple of years.  Thick eyebrows will make you look younger. The trick is to fill gaps between hairs with mating shadows and blend accurately with the brush. Then you need to powder your eyebrows a bit and complete with the light touch of the brush.


  • natural eyebrow color;
  • natural form and volume

Trick 5. Lips: balm, creamy lipstick, and twinkle powder

Advice. Clear balm + creamy nourishing lipstick + twinkle powder = trick, which will help you mask the aging lines on the lips.

First, you need to cover your lips with a thin layer of balm, then apply nourishing lipstick or light gloss. Shape your lips with mating lipstick pencil. For more luxurious look you will just need to apply a bit of powder on the V-shape hollow above the top lip with twinkle powder.


  • smooth lips;
  • attractive volume;
  • soft and natural smile.

Use these tricks and you will look 5 or even 10 years younger!