Apalus Straightening Brush Review

I am a girl blessed with wavy hair and yes while wavy hair is excellent most of the times, I do like to experiment with my hair and straightening is one of the most common experimentations that I end up with. I have tried various kinds of straighteners, been to parlors and have been looking around for some time to get hold of a product that is as easy as combing your hair while straightening it too. My research and the quest to find the right product, got me hooked on to Apalus Brush Hair Straightener, which seemed like the answer to my wavy hair woes.

After some comparisons and reading up online reviews I purchased the product Apalus Hair Straightening Brush from Amazon. Apart from the features that sounded exciting and promising, there were over 3000 Apalus Hair Straightening Brush reviews on the website most of which had some great things to talk about this revolutionary hair straightening product. After using this product for three occasions when I needed some straight hair in a jiffy, I think it is the right time to review the product and share my experience with you, guys.

Appearance of Apalus Straightening Brush

When it comes to the looks of the product, I must say Apalus digital hair straightener brush looks very stylish yet sleek almost like any other hair brush. The hairbrush is lightweight, unlike my previous hair straightener which nearly gave me a wrist pain every time I got on to the straightening exercise. Here are some of the critical aspects of this product that I would like to discuss in my review for the Apalus digital hair straightener brush.

The Shape of the Brush

The Apalus hair straightener brush is designed just like a hairbrush making it very easy and convenient to handle. The shape of this hair straightener is what makes this hairbrush very simple and effective when used for hair straightening.

Apalus Brush Dimensions

The size of the Apalus hair brush is convenient to hold. The bristles are not too big nor too small and hence work very well for both long and short hair. The thickness of the handle is just right to get a good grip which you run the device through your hair. I love the way the control buttons are conveniently placed.

Let’s switch on a brush

The brush is simple and convenient to use. I just plugged the device and started the power button. There are two temperature control settings enabled on the side of the handle of the brush. The temperatures can go up to 450 degrees. One of the things that I had read on the Apalus hair brush straightener review was that the device doesn’t give out the burning smell as it heats up which is a significant relief and a major put off for most of the other hair straightening devices. The bristles start to heat up, and hence you can adjust the temperature depending on how wavy or curly your hair is. Since I didn’t want straight ruler hair, I set the temperature at 360 which worked well for my hair type.
Apalus digital hair straightener brush comes with a swivel cord so no hassles of hanging and curling cords. The cord is long enough for you to pull towards your mirror as you iron your hair. The Apalus digital hair straightener brush comes with an LCD screen which shows the temperatures you can adjust the device to. The control buttons are placed just right so you won’t press them accidentally while the tool is in operation.

I came across an Apalus hairbrush straightener review on a YouTube channel which showed the exact procedure of hair straightening using this brush. I followed the process and got a great result in almost 10 minutes. The review also spoke about the anti scolding feature of this device which does not burn your scalp, which to me was a significant relief as I often end up with accidental burns when straightening with the usual hair straighteners.

Hair Styling with Apalus

Before styling my hair I usually apply a heat-resistant serum whether it is wet or dry hair. After that, I just started out with the Apalus hair brush straightener, and wow it was a marvel. Just felt like God had finally answered my prayers that I made on some of my crazy lousy hair days. On my hair which is wavy and not very curly, the Apalus hair straightener brush did an excellent job in the evening out and straightening the hair with just one stroke. I have slightly heavy curls at the bottom which required another stroke to get the perfectly even straightened hair look.

When styling your hair, it is best to partition your hair so that you can tend to every part of the hair evenly. The same rule applies to this Apalus hair brush straightener as well. After straightening my hair ultimately, I was delighted with the result for two reasons, one that it takes just about 10 minutes on my hair, which is shoulder length and two it gives even results retaining the volume of the hair, which some straighteners are unable to maintain.

Pros and Cons


  • Compact and convenient to use with a smart design and features that you expect from a hair straightener.
  • Doesn’t give out the plastic burning smell, which most hair straighteners do.
  • For wavy hair gives the perfectly straightened hair in just about 10 minutes.
  • Value for money buy

Cons: While the device worked great on my wavy hair, for those with dense curly hair, straightening with this tool may require a little more effort.

Conclusions:This device is a great value purchase for me and is something that I now carry around everywhere I travel. I have found no reasons to complain about this tool and certainly think its worth a try for those suffering from wavy hair woes.